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Hygienic, touchless and wireless automatic door activation switch. Detection range from 1-15cm. 2 different faceplates included. Infrared technology

  • Improved Hygene

    • Touch-free door activation prevents the spread of disease causing viruses and bacteria.
    • Hand or objection detection without physical contact.
  • Wireless for Ease of Installation

    • Operates at a frequency of 2.4GHz in conjunction with our WR-24 receiver.
    • Up to 10 AerWave switches can be registered with one WR-24 receiver.
    • 10m wireless transmission distance.
  • Long Battery Life

    • Uses two CR123A batteries.
    • Battery life of approximately 12 months based on 500 usages per day.
  • Versatile

    • Supplied with two faceplates – Hand & Wheelchair.
    • Detection indicated by beep or flashing LED.
    • IP65

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