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When you choose GDR Service you are supported by a team of accredited and fully trained, specialist automatic door technicians and agents, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our specialised service covers GDR's comprehensive range of door operators, door closers, with our expertise extending to all makes and models.

Your call to us will be answered by a GDR team member who has strong product knowledge and who can offer you expert advice.

Public safety and security are our paramount concern and this is reflected in our prompt response time to your service call.

Accredited to undertake the inspection, maintenance and IQP certification of automatic doors and windows:

  • SS3.1 Automatic doors (sliding/revolving/panic)
  • SS3.2 Access controlled doors (swipe card/key pad/sensor/delayed egress)
  • SS3.3 Interfaced fire or smoke doors or windows (electromagnetic door holders)

Why you should keep your servicing up to date?

Automatic Door operators are a complex piece of equipment that are subject to continual wear and tear.

A regular maintenance program ensures that wearing components are replaced or a malfunction is addressed before it becomes a problem.

Regular maintenance helps prevent accidents, prolongs the life of the product and ensures the safety of users while reducing breakdowns and the accompanying inconvenience.

Prevention is better than cure

Well-maintained MYONE, Record and Iseo products can provide safe and efficient use for over 20 years and are vital to the smooth operation of any business. A fully serviced and maintained door will ensure the efficient running and security of your business.

Expert installation and servicing of

  • Automatic sliding doors
  • Automatic swing doors
  • Access control
  • Door closers
  • Mechanical and digital locking

For servicing contact us here or call us on: 0800 30 70 50