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With normal sliding doors, fixed side panels block up to two thirds of the passageway. With the record TOS total opening system, however, this area remains fully accessible. The TOS is not only suitable for emergency situations, but also ideal for loading bulky items. Most common applications of the record TOS are in vehicle salesrooms, shopping centres, department stores, furniture outlets, and buildings with high volumes of pedestrian traffic.

The record TOS total opening system is a linear sliding door installation, featuring the ability of door leaves and side panels to be pivoted through 90°, irrespective of the position of the door. This feature is, of course, in addition to their regular, linear opening movement. This makes it optimally suited for use as an escape door. The pivoting leaves can be moved towards the wall to reach the total open position, allowing almost the entire width and height of the passageway to be used. With little constructional outlay, seemingly narrow pedestrian entrances can be turned into wide passageways in a very short time, allowing supply vehicles to pass through, or be used as a full access point for loading purposes.

Flush-fitted door leaf rails allow the floor area to remain clear of obstacles. To close the door again and return to normal sliding operation, just a few simple manipulations are required.


  • If needed, width and height of passage remain almost 95 % usable
  • Reaching the total open position takes just seconds, and requires only a few simple manipulations
  • 100 % mechanical break out function is available for emergency and rescue route applications
  • At the same time, unobtrusive sliding door operation is provided for pedestrian traffic
  • Normal operation using record BDE-D remote