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Iseo Automatic Swing Door Operator

  • Iseo IS9100  - electromechanical swing door operator is suitable for single or double doors
  • Ideal for use in the Medical or Aged care sectors.
  • The standard IS9100 operator is suitable for use on doors up to 120kg in weight and 700mm in wide. -  with an upgrade card available to increase the capacity to 160kg in weight and 1100mm in width
  • the IS9100 can be opened in 2 modes: Automatic swing door mode (i.e. opening after a pulse generated by motion sensor or pushbutton) and manual opening mode: (i.e. the device is used as a traditional door closer).
  • The drive is equipped either with a sliding arm for the installation on the pull side or with a standard arm for the installation on the push side with lintel depth of 225mm maximum.
  • An integrated internal selector provides the ability to easily set 4 different functions: Off, Automatic, Permanent opening, Exit only. In case of power failure, the device works like a simple door closer. With the manual mode, the function "power assists"  allowing for easier opening.
  • For single action doors
  • RV Force EN 2 - 4
  • Standard arm approved for use on NZ Fire Doors 
  • Sliding arm: pull side
  • Standard arm: push side
  • Adjustment available for closing speed, latching action or silent closing
  • 2 year warranty
  • Finish: Silver